A geographical erasure combining three perspectives of distance through the interaction of machines.  The "accident of speed" transmutes into an infinite line of communication created through three superimposed films shot in different locations:  barrier structures and walls from a speeding car; sea-rush from a speed-boat; and a sunrise from an aeroplane.  The work conceptualises a politicised space through segments of time rushing in parallel producing a line of delocalised terrain.  A sense of rupture and restructure is visualised in the stratification of our land through power walls, borders and boundaries that come and go, that we erect through one time, dissolve through another and repeat and return through yet a new… such as the Berlin Wall of the last century or the Palestine/Israel Separation Wall of this new one.
speed journeys film drawings
speed journeys [video|sound installation] 2005

speed journeys video installation exhibited in Ground Erasure, Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Kent, England parallel screening with Waikato University, New Zealand  2005
in Femme d'Europe, Espace Rendezvous de Lices, Saint Tropez, France  2006
and in Duration, Questioning Spaces, Waterfront Vaults, Valletta, Malta  2007