My art practice springs from an urge to unfix.. looking upon my materials as processes, seeking threads of connections in the boundaries between information and transformation.  Engaging with machinic space, I investigate territoriality as a way to unravel creative connections and produce art and projects in contexts of contemporary fine art practice.  Concerned with tenuous boundaries, ideas and themes freely fuse the geo-spatial and temporal with the social in varied settings, testing gaps between controlled and spontaneous art environments.

Artistic research has probed notions of space and territory, informed by deterritorialisation and dislocation - see Ground Erasure.  This interrogation focused on exploring the reterritorialising strategies of the contemporary artist operating with technology through "actor-network" theory as a method to balance machine-human interaction.  It is the liminal zones between destratification and restratification - creating an abstract topology of intersections on the plateau - that inspired a context for my work.  Connectivity continues to inspire my research interest in relation to the cultural expression of the digital platform, shaping and informing contemporary art. 

Space is my material.. I am interested in space as agency - how it acts and is acted upon.  The art process for me provides similar agency for unexpected ways of de-framing and revealing.

My art roams situations of interventional space exploring multi media from time-based to tangible, digital to tactile - projection, photography, drawing and collage, sculpture and actions - as ways to question how space is traversed.. empowered, transgressed, consumed, automated, expanded, shrunken, journeyed and created..